Hi! My name is Clarissa Vasquez and I am an artist/animal lover. I'm doing something special this year to create big change for animals! Shelters deal with financial challenges every day. Regardless of whether our economy is up or down, abandoned and lost pets who have found their way to any shelter need the continued generosity of others for food, shelter and medical care. “No kill” shelters are located in most states, and costs can be staggering.


I have a deep personal connection to animals, and my love for them means I can't sit back while they suffer. That is why I am raising money for Non-profit animal shelters through art.


Pet portraits are created on an 8”x10” watercolor paper with watercolor paint. Each pet portrait costs $100. $100 sounds pricey but remember, you are not only supporting my time and supplies but also the wonderful creatures who have no voice. Half of the proceeds will be donated to a selected Non-profit Animal Shelter at the end of each month. Please help me save these angels lives in a creative way!